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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Powers of Peter & Sylar

The two most powerful heroes through Season 1 and now into Season 2 are Peter Petrelli and Gabriel Gray, aka "Sylar". Both are on similar paths in Season 2, as they are struggling to regain and use their powers. Peter has amnesia but is able to work powers here and there. Sylar seems to be sick or injured and needs to be cured to regain use of his. This may be a clever budget ploy by the creators of the show, as having these guys able to unleash all powers all season long could really run up the efx budget.

Here's a look at what each guy has in his "superhero arsenal" of powers:

The Powers of Peter Petrelli

- Ability to "mimic" powers of those he's been near (unknown)
- Ability to paint future events (from Isaac Mendez)
- Dream visions/clarevoyance (from Charles Deveaux/Angela Petrelli?)
- Electricity manipulation/lightning (from Elle)
- Electronics manipulation (from Micah)
- Erase memories (from The Haitian)
- Flight (from his brother Nathan)
- Invisibility (from Claude)
- Liquefacation (from Sylar)
- Mind reading (from Matt Parkman)
- Super hearing (from Sylar)
- Super Strength (from Niki Sanders)
- Phasing/Move through solid objects (from DL Hawkins)
- Regeneration/Self-healing (from Claire)
- Telekinesis (from Sylar)
- Teleportation/Time Travel (from Hiro Nakamura)

Many of the powers on Peter's list have not been displayed but fit the requirements for him to gain them as he was near the person with that power. The question mark is if Peter possesses Molly Walker's power to locate people, because it was made to appear like a "very special power" Molly has. He was in proximity of her during the final showdown with Sylar, end of Season 1, but has not displayed the power yet. Also, Peter was nearby to the Haitian up on the pigeon coop when HRG and Haitian shot tranquilizers at Peter and Claude. Peter has yet to erase anyone's memory, but this may explain why he is having trouble with his own.

The Powers of Sylar

- Ability to paint future events (from Isaac Mendez, who Sylar killed)
- Illusion (from Candice, has not been displayed)
- Liquefacation (from Zane Taylor)
- Power to freeze (unknown which victim Sylar acquired from, but assumed)
- Radiation manipulation (from Ted Sprague)
- Super hearing (from Dale Smither, mechanic that Sylar killed)
- Telekinesis (from Brian Davis, murdered Episode 1)

Things get interesting in that the Wikipedia entry on Sylar mentions that Sylar may have several unknown powers. He was on a murder spree early during season 1, yet we never were made aware of the victims' powers. Sylar killed both of Molly Walker's parents, but only took the brain of her father. A few of Sylar's victims were found frozen, so it's unknown which murder victim he took that from.

Wikepidia also claims Sylar has Charlie's "super memory" power. To the best of my recollection, Charlie suffered a brain clot that she died from first, when Hiro went back in time to save her. Sylar was unable to take the power of "persuasion" from Eden as she shot herself in the head before he could kill her himself. Sylar also exhibits some sort of "hard to kill" ability, making it possible this is another power he has.

It will be interesting to see what other new powers each guy gains as this season unfolds. And we also anxiously await the next showdown between these two mega forces in the Heroes universe...

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