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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sexy Dania Ramirez Bikini Pics

Deadly plagues or not, Dania Ramirez is definitely one hot Heroes babe! The super-sexy Ramirez is no stranger to playing the role of a hot chick with superpowers either. She had a role in X-Men, with a fight scene opposite Miss Halle Berry. Ramirez admits she had no clue what X-Men was before the role. She also admits kids used to call her "ugly" back in school. Who's laughing all the way to the bank now?

Dania Ramirez was born on November 8, 1979 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She was athletic in college, starring on the volleyball team at Montclair State University, where she graduated from in 1999. The lovely Latina was also a hip hop honey appearing in music videos for Jay-Z, Santana and LL Cool J. Dania's TV roles include not only Heroes, but also the Sopranos and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's been in the Spike Lee movies 25th Hour with Ed Norton and She Hate Me, a film about "one heterosexual male and 18 lesbians". Ramirez also had a role in X-Men: The Last Stand, where she played Callisto, a mutant with super strength, speed and agility.

Maya Herrera Heroes Role

Currently, Dania Ramirez plays the role of Maya Herrera on NBC's Heroes. She came onto the scene quickly in Heroes Season 2 Generations. Maya and her brother Alejandro were on the run as fugitives wanted for murder in Season 2, Episode 1 - "Four Months Later". It turns out they were sorta like the Wonder Twins. When Maya became upset she unleashed a deadly plague which killed just about everyone around her. The sole survivor would be her brother Alejandro, and when the two held hands, Alejandro could calm Maya down and reverse the curse. This came in handy throughout Season 2 as Maya tended to cry alot.

During Season 2, Maya & Alejandro made the mistake of picking up a hitchiker named Gabriel Gray. Gabriel convinced the siblings to help him find Dr. Mohinder Suresh who could help cure them. Secretly Gabriel, aka "Sylar", wanted to restore his powers so he could begin killing again to steal more powers. He faked romantic interest in poor Maya in order to seduce her, then eventually murdered her brother Alejandro during a fight. Sylar eventually brought Maya to Suresh and received the injection which restored his abilities, setting the table for Heroes Season 3: Villains.

Between Season 2 and 3, Maya and Suresh must have decided to live together. Eventually Suresh went mad scientist, injecting himself with a formula that gave him new extraordinary abilities. Soon Suresh had superstrength and was climbing up walls like Spiderman. He also was able to seduce Maya quickly and the two developed a romance. The flipside of it all, Suresh had become a monster, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He even emitted a strange sticky substance and collected people in cocoons on his laboratory walls, including Maya. But after a quick trip to Pinehearst, Suresh met Arthur Petrelli who was able to drain the powers out of Maya, making her normal once again. Suresh tried to convince Maya he was still a good doctor, but Maya wasn't having it and took off due to Suresh's dark side.

Below you will find sexy Dania Ramirez pics including sexy bikini pics from Maxim magazine. Dania also had a role in the Sopranos playing AJ's fiancee, Bianca, and she is show attending the Sopranos premier below. Check out the pics below.

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Sexy Dania Ramirez Bikini Pics

dania ramirez maxim bikini pic
^(Dania Ramirez bikini pic #1, Maxim)

dania ramirez maxim bikini pic 2
^(Dania Ramirez bikini pic #2, Maxim)

dania ramirez hbo sopranos premier
^(Dania attends HBO Sopranos premier)

^(Dania on the cover of UrbanLatino mag #54)

^(Dania in the dark on NBC Heroes)

^(Dania makes one hot Esquire photo shoot!)

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