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Monday, November 03, 2008

Sexy Kristen Bell Bikini & Lingerie Pics

kristen bell heroes nbc headshot Heroes babe Kristen Anne Bell is definitely electrifying, no matter where she is! Bell played the role of Elle Bishop on Heroes starting in Season 2. The Heroes hottie was born July 18, 1980 in Michigan and has been acting since 1998. Bell is also famous for her role on the hit television series Veronica Mars. She's also appeared in several hit movie roles including the action movie Spartan with Val Kilmer, the sci-fi/horror movie Pulse, and the romantic comedy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Bell also had guest appearances on HBO's drama series Deadwood.

Below this history of Bell's character Elle on NBC Heroes, you'll find several sexy pics of the sci-fi seductress including sexy bikini pics and more. Kristen Bell's appeared in photo shoots for several magazines including Maxim and Complex and isn't shy about showing off.

Elle Bishop Character on Heroes

In Season 2 of Heroes, the audience was introduced to a sexy new blond heroine named Elle Bishop. Her twisted ability was to generate electricity and direct it from her hands towards various targets, usually those she wanted to inflict pain on. Elle was a conflicted "daddy's girl" working for her father (Bob) at The Company, but also struggling to find herself and find real love. She tried to "ignite sparks" between herself and Peter Petrelli as he was held captive by the Company, but Peter used it to his advantage to escape. She was also partnered up with Mohinder Suresh for The Company, and was highly flirtatious with him. She was involved in a feud with the sexy cheerleader Claire Bennet as well. Elle was constantly trying to make her daddy proud by doing right and catching the right individuals, however she was also suffering failures.

In Season 3 of Heroes, came Elle's greatest romantic revelation; she was attracted to Gabriel Gray, another person with strange abilities like hers. It was revealed in the past, that Elle was working with Noah Bennet (HRG) for The Company and her role was to seduce Sylar so HRG and the Company could take Gabriel Gray down. Elle began to identify with Gabriel and saw the good in him, but still went through with the job. Things backfired, Sylar got away and Elle was upset that they were still hunting him down. Sylar and Elle reunited at Pinehearst under the direction of the villainous mastermind, Arthur Petrelli. Sylar gained Elle's power through his heart's compassion, and the two began a brief romance together. The romance was killed off literally when Sylar realized he was still the same serial killer monster as before, and put Elle out of her misery.

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Sexy Kristen Bell pics

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(A bold Bell in black lingerie)

^(Bell is all smiles, pretty in pink)

kristen bell fhm kiss pic
^(Bell kisses for FHM's camera)

^(Bell mirror gazing)

^(Bell workin' out to keep in shape)

^(Bell as Sarah Marshall in pink bikini)

kristen bell bikini at beach
^(Paparazzi catch Bell at the beach in bikini)

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