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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Season 3 - "Villains" Episode Recaps

NBC's third season of Heroes is entitled "Villains". It follows the escape of villains from The Company's "Level 5", as well as the battle lines being drawn between good and evil. The season sees the emergence of several new heroes and new villains. Use the links below to read full, descriptive recaps from the various episodes of NBC Heroes Season 3.

Episode 301 - "The Second Coming"

New forces of good and evil begin to arrive. The Ice Queen of K Street has a deadly response for a nosy reporter.

Episode 302 - "The Butterfly Effect"

Charged with a sacred quest, Hiro opens Pandora's box.

Episode 303 - "One of Us, One of Them"

Matt Parkman goes on a spiritwalk to see what the future holds for the heroes. Meredith takes Claire into her school of hard knocks, forcing a true confession.

Episode 304 - "I am Become Death"

Future Peter shows Peter a dark future that he must change.

Episode 305 - "Angels & Monsters"

Claire Tries to Help.. but her dad won't let her.

Episode 306 - "Dying of the Light"

Hiro and Ando meet Usutu; Matt meets Daphne; Claire saves Meredith from Doyle; Peter finds his father alive, only to be drained of his powers.

Episode 307 - "Eros Quid Sum"

At Angela's behest, Sylar goes after Peter, only to be recruited to Pinehearst.

Episode 308 - Villains

Hiro's spirit walk takes him back in time one year, to the events surrounding the "death" of Arthur Petrelli.

Episode 309 - "It's Coming"

With a catastrophic event on the way, Arthur and Angela gather their people to their respective sides, as Hiro languishes under the belief that he's ten years old.

Episode 310 - "The Eclipse Part 1"

As the prophesied eclipse gets underway, the heroes are surprised when their powers evaporate, just when they need them most.

nbc heroes season 3 episode 11 eclipse part 2
Episode 311 - "The Eclipse - Part 2"

As Sandra Bennet tends to her dying daughter Claire, HRG goes after Sylar and Elle to avenge the shooting. Hiro, Ando and Matt Parkman search for answers in Kansas, while Peter tries to save Nathan.

nbc heroes season 3 episode 12 our father
Episode 312 - Our Father

Peter and The Haitian try to get rid of Arthur Petrelli for good but are interrupted by Sylar. Suresh has a breakthrough with the formula.

nbc heroes season 3 episode 13
Episode 313 - "Dual"

Sylar toys with Claire, Meredith, Angela & HRG. Hiro and Peter both make attempts to destroy the formula, while Nathan tries to unleash it.

Season 3 was split into a second installment which was entitled "Fugitives". While considered Volume 4, it's still technically Season 3 of NBC Heroes. "Fugitives" involves a plot by Nathan Petrelli to influence the government to round up those with extraordinary abilities so they can be contained safely and not become a major hazard to the general public. He has the help of a mysterious headhunter agent named Danko as well as HRG (Noah Bennet) from Primatech.

Episode 14 - A Clear & Present Danger

Episode 15 - Trust and Blood

Episode 16 - Building 26

Episode 17 - Cold Wars

Episode 18 - Exposed

Episode 19 - Shades of Gray

Episode 20 - Cold Snap

Episode 21 - Into Asylum

Episode 22 - Turn & Face the Strange

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