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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ali Larter's Whipped Cream Bikini

ali larter whipped cream bikini
(Ali Larter's famous whipped cream sundae scene)

If you saw the 1999 football movie Varsity Blues, then you saw Heroes star Ali Larter in one of her earliest and maybe best roles as Darcy Sears. She also was made famous in the first couple "Final Destination" horror flicks as well. The reason she gained fame in Varsity Blues was because she played the conniving cheerleader who was trying to sleep with the new star quarterback, behind her boyfriend's back (the seriously-injured quarterback).

In one particular scene Darcy (Larter) tries her best to seduce Mox (James Van Der Beek), the new star quarterback. She soon comes out wearing nothing more than a few splats of whipped cream, in bikini form. The Ali Larter whipped cream bikini scene continues to be a favorite of many of her fans. Larter told an interviewer from the Daily Mail the following regarding that scene:

For my first-ever movie scene I was completely naked except for a bikini made of whipped cream (pictured). That was my first scene in Varsity Blues and I had no clue what I was supposed to do. I knew if I started crying it would be hard to stop – so I cried for seven hours solid before filming started. The scene must have worked OK because so many people remember it.

While we won't see Larter donning whipped cream in the next installment of Heroes, we may see her in wet, water form. If you recall the last episode of Fugitives started with a sneak peak of a watery villainess entering into an agent's apartment in water form. Headlines revealed that someone was killing off agents, most likely the new Larter-sister character seeking vengeance for the death of her sister Tracy Strauss.

Still want more? Check out the Ali Larter Whip Cream video here at YouTube!

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