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Friday, October 09, 2009

Season 4: Episode 2: "Ink"

Claire is shown in her dorm room, with her friend Gretchen pounding at the door, saying they need to talk. Claire ignores her and shes goes away.

Parkman sees another vision of Sylar in his home, and draws his gun, but when he goes to aim, there's nobody there.

Peter pins up another newspaper article about lives saved.

Samuel and Lydia are shown at the Sullivan Brothers carnival. Samuel tells her he thinks he's found someone to fill Joseph's position. Samuel dresses up in a shirt and tie, which Lydia questions. Samuel talks about how he learned how liberating it was when he knew he could control the dirt underneath his feet. Samuel talks about needing his compass back, and Lydia says he can't replace his brother back. Samuel says he wants to see if this new candidate has a place at their table. He puts his hand into a bottle of ink and drains it completely. Lydia asks him if he'll go home while he's out, and he says no he left that life and won't go back again.

A messenger arrives at Peter's apartment to ask if he was the one who saved someone last week. Peter says yes, and the man gives him a subpoena, saying he's been served.

A woman wakes up at an apartment, and grabs a pair of headphones, then picks up her cat. She notices her faucet leaking water onto a spoon and goes to check it out.

In Long Beach, CA, Matt Parkman is on a stakeout with his partner. His partner senses Matt is tense. Matt pulls out his 30 day sobriety chip and tells him he slipped up on his sobriety. His partner gets a page and leaves the van. Matt sees Sylar in the rearview mirror, and he starts to taunt Parkman again. Sylar continues to demand that Matt puts him back in his body. Matt tells Sylar he'll ignore him until he fades away like a bad memory. Sylar chuckles about it, as Matt's partner returns. Matt's partner says he wants him in, but wants Matt to keep it together. They bust into the home with guns drawn. Sylar is in their again to taunt Matt every where he goes to in the house. Sylar tells Parkman the drug dealer is in the closet with a gun. Matt barely avoids several bullets getting sprayed at him, and is able to take the suspect down as he leaves the closet. Sylar is sitting in a chair and tells Matt "You're welcome" as Matt cuffs the man.

Back to Claire's dorm, she gets a knock at the door, and answers it thinking it's Gretchen. It's HRG with housewarming gifts. HRG asks about her roommate committing suicide, and asks if Claire's ok. HRG probes about it, and Claire says college is an adjustment for her, she misses her family and home. Claire goes to the bathroom to get ready so she can go eat with HRG. In the bathroom, Gretchen finds her and asks why she's avoiding her. Gretchen says they need to talk about what happened. Claire tries to play it off, avoiding talking about her power. They get back to Claire's room and Gretchen meets HRG. He asks her to join them for lunch, and Claire tries to say Gretchen has a paper to do. Gretchen says she finished and will gladly join them.

Parkman has the suspect tied up and begins to tear the place apart for the drugs. Parkman goes over to grill the suspect, and Sylar is still there taunting him. Sylar suggests that Matt use his abilities. Matt goes to the bathroom to look for the drugs. Matt tells Sylar to stop helping him. Sylar tells Matt something doesn't fit in this picture. Matt finds a stuffed rabbit on the floor. Sylar tells Matt the house isn't used for drugs, it's for something a lot worse.

Peter is at work and goes up to the blond female shown earlier checking out the water faucet. Peter asks the woman about the subpoena to find out where the patient is who is suing him, but she's got her headphones on. Peter notices her headphones aren't attached to anything. The woman knocks a glass mug off the desk, and goes to pick it up. Peter asks if she's ok then notices some papers that fell tell him where the patient is located. He then goes to check on a man in physical therapy. He walks in and asks "William Hooper?" and Samuel is sitting there saying "yes that's me", as he meets Peter for the first time.

Peter looks at the man strangely and says he remembers everyone he saved from the crash, but Mr. Hooper was not one of them. Samuel claims he was in the bus accident, and that Peter was so negligent he dislocated his arm. Peter asks the man if this is a scam to get money. He says no, it's for empathy. Samuel claims his brother died, and he must take care of his family. He says with the injury he can't work to feed his family. He asks Peter if he's going to allow this to happen. Peter tries to walk away. Samuel says his lawyer checked on him already, and suggest that maybe Peter has been spreading himself thin with all his work, to the point he doesn't remember who was on the bus. Peter walks off.

A nurse is checking on the woman with the headphones, who is revealed to be deaf and/or mute. She's asking about some sort of lights she saw. The nurse suggests its synesthesia, where senses get crossed. The nurse says it's possible she's seeing sound as colors, because it's common in deaf cases. The woman jokes about it, but the nurse suggests Emma could be doing so much more. Emma says she wears headphones so she can avoid seeing their faces.

HRG dines on Indian or Asian food with Gretchen and Claire. Gretchen starts to talk in innuendos regarding Claire's power, such as switching majors to study strange phenomenon. Gretchen asks HRG what he does, and he says he's retired but always finding new reasons to go back to work.

Matt is pacing around with Sylar holding the bunny. Matt asks Sylar what he knows. Sylar starts ignoring him to play Matt's game. Sylar continues to mess with Matt's mind, talking about his family not loving him. Matt starts yelling at Sylar, but the suspect thinks he's talking about him. Matt finds a cutout note regarding a little girl. Sylar asks Matt if he's man enough to save the little girl, who the note says will die if a ransom isn't given.

As Gretchen gets up to go to the restroom, HRG confronts her about telling Gretchen about her power. Claire says she just found out. HRG says it's time to call The Haitian so he can erase Gretchen's memory. Claire stops him and threatens to stop talking to him if he does it. Claire says she'll clean up her own mess this time.

Parkman starts to angrily confront the suspect about the ransom note, with Sylar still hanging around. Sylar taunts Matt to use his power. Matt finally breaks down and reads the man's mind to find that the girl is upstairs. He goes upstairs and is able to find a dead little girl hidden in a hallway. Matt's partner comes int othe house as Matt is beating on the suspect. His partner screams at him and Matt tells him about the dead girl upstairs. They go up and there's no girl, just Christmas wrapping paper and bows. Back downstairs, Matt finds that there was no ransom note. Sylar is there and tells Parkman he used his power against him.

Peter's paramedics partner comes up to him asking about him being sued. The partner says according to his records Mr. Hooper was in the accident. His partner says several individuals have speculated that Peter is causing the accidents himself to get the glory for saving people. Peter tells him their partners, and the man says Peter always runs off the second they get on the scene.

Samuel breaks into Peter's apartment to check out the various articles about him saving lives. He puts his finger on the newspaper article about the bus crash, and puts his own image into the picture. Just then, Peter arrives home. Samuel takes off, and Peter goes to look at the article. He sees Mr. Hooper aka Samuel in the photo.

Gretchen apologizes to Claire about being so pushy. Gretchen tells Claire she used to be called "wretchen Gretchen", because she smelled like puke since she was bulimic. Claire says she can't believe they made that up. Gretchen laughs it off, saying "yea made up". Claire stops Gretchen and says she can ask her anything and she'll tell the truth.

Peter catches up with Mr. Hooper/Samuel at night. He apologizes to him for the mistake he made and asks how he can make it up. Samuel asks Peter if he ever lost a brother. Peter says no he hasn't. Samuel talks about going back home, but there's too many bad memories about his brother dying. He says he can't find any solace anywhere. Peter tells Samuel he's not alone. He says he became a paramedic to save lives instead of letting them pass. Samuel shakes his hand and says he's dropping the lawsuit. Peter recommends that Samuel visit his home. Samuel walks off, and passes Emma, the deaf woman.

Emma is sitting on a park bench and sees a man playing a stringed instrument. She notices the color glow on it. The man gets up and puts his instrument down to get some food. Emma removes her headphones and goes over to it, then starts playing beautifully. The man is amazed as are others around. Emma sees all sorts of colors emitted from the strings as she plays. Peter is nearby and hears the music as well so he gets up and goes over to see her playing, where a small crowd has formed. Emma gets up and hands off the instrument then runs off. Peter starts to chase her, then stops.

Samuel goes back to his house to pay a visit. It's a large home and Samuel rings the bell. A woman answers the door, and Samuel explains his family used to work there as housecleaning crew. He explains that he just lost his brother and wants to look around the carriage house. The woman says they are in the middle of a dinner party, and says sorry for your loss, before turning Samuel away.

Gretchen jokes with Claire about her never ever being drunk due to her power. Claire tells her she'll always have a designated driver. Gretchen asks to see the power. Claire hands her some scissors and puts her hand out. Gretchen slices the scissors across her hand. Claire pretends to be in pain then says she's joking. She shows her hand healing up. The phone rings, and Claire answers to talk to HRG. She tells him everything's ok, because she'll handle things. HRG tells her he's sorry for being a bit harsh at the restaurant earlier. HRG says he realizes Claire can handle her own problems for now. Claire returns to Gretchen and asks her to be her roommate to which Gretchen agrees.

Matt's partner Mike is yelling at him about killing a suspect. Mike says he needs to find a good lawyer. Mike says he's sorry. He gets up and hands Mike his sobriety chip, telling him he's not strong enough anymore. Matt starts to use his power and convinces Mike that the suspect attacked him, so Parkman defended him. Matt suggests his partner go call it in. Sylar's vision gets in Matt's face, and says he's proud of him. Sylar suggests that Matt can have more bad days like this, or he can take him to his body.

Peter arrives at a fresh accident scene with paramedics and police there. A man tells Peter and his partner that a lot of people died in this one. Peter asks what happened and the mans says it was a sinkhole. A shot cuts to where the large home Samuel visited once was, but was now gone due to the sinkhole (made by Samuel's power to move Earth). Samuel is shown hiding nearby near a tree. Just then Peter grabs at his own arm and notices that there's an ink rendition of a compass on it which starts spinning. Samuel smirks as the show ends. To be continued...

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Blogger dorsey said...

i download heroes episodes "ink" last month.I would say Peter can control more than one power at a time. He said he was adding powers to help him become better at saving people faster.

11/19/2009 11:33 PM


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