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Monday, December 01, 2008

Season 3: Episode 11: "The Eclipse - Part 2"

nbc heroes season 3 episode 11 eclipse part 2

Heroes Season 3, Chapter 11 opens with the eclipse still looming in the sky. Peter and the Haitian area on the run through the jungle. Peter urges the Haitian to help him save Nathan. The Haitian is resistant but Peter says with the eclipse Haitian's brother's powers are also ineffective. The Haitian asks Peter why he came, and after saying he came to find him at first, Peter says he needed to know he could be a hero without his powers.

Sandra Bennet accompanies a dying Claire to the hospital. The nurse tells her Claire's whole system is infected, so she must have been sick all her life. The nurse asks Mrs. Bennet for the truth or she'll go to the police.

Sylar and Elle continue making love in the Canfield house in California. Sylar tells Elle if the eclipse's effects are permanent, they get a chance to reinvent themselves. As they are lying on the floor talking, all of a sudden Elle notices a red dot on Sylar. The two roll out of harm's way as bullets rip through the air. Elle grabs a gun off the ground and she and Sylar rush down the hall. HRG bursts in with his rifle. Elle fires a few shoots in his direction, but as she and Sylar make their escape, HRG is able to shoot Elle in the leg. Sylar grabs her and they get away outside. HRG pursues on foot with a gun, as the two hideout in a nearby trashed yard. HRG yells out how he wants them to be scared just how Claire was, then says under his breath "this ends today".

Nathan is being held prisoner by Haitian's brother, chained to the ceiling in a room with stone walls. There's a woman and child he speaks to in French, but just then Baron Samedi, the Haitian's brother, enters and takes away the woman. Samedi says the woman will be sold as a prostitute. Nathan yells he will stop him, but Samedi remarks Nathan is just a man, and he is a God.

Suresh continues studying the eclipse to find answers as to how it affects their powers. As Flint watches over him, Arthur comes in asking for answers. Suresh says he has studied every aspect but finds no connection. Suresh complains that he's finally cured, yet he's being held against his will now. Suresh realizes that Arthur is paranoid, because he wants his powers back. Arthur has Flint rough up Suresh and hold a lighter to him for motivation to find answers.

Sandra phones HRG and informs him of Claire's condition. Claire asks what to say to the police, and HRG says he'll be right there. As HRG is walking past a wooden fence's door, he notices a bloody handprint. HRG cocks his gun and opens the door noticing drips of blood in a small trail on the ground.

Matt and Daphne continue their conversation in Kansas. Daphne informs Matt she has Cerebral Palsy, requiring leg braces. Daphne says she's back to where she started after losing her powers. Daphne says she probably deserve this because she's a villain. Matt tells her she's a good person, but Daphne says he can't help her. The older man enters the home, and Daphne tells him Matt was just leaving.

Suresh prepares a syringe and tells Flint he needs to inject him to track changes his body's going through. Flint laughs asking if Suresh thinks he's that dumb. Just then, Suresh grabs a microscope and strikes Flint across the head with it. The two get into a fist fight in the lab, with Suresh eventually pushing Flint to the ground and punching him repeatedly. Suresh grabs a Pinehearst swipe card from an unconscious Flint and makes a run for it.

Hiro and Ando are still at the Comic book shop in Kansas. The one clerk asks the other if he's playing some sort of practical joke on him since the new 9th Wonder comic shows everything going on in the store. Hiro and Ando demand the latest issue so they can find out what happened to Hiro's powers. Hiro finds a box of 9th Wonder back issues and buys all of them along with the newest one, saying "Best. Day. Ever".

Sylar helps Elle in a grocery store aisle where there's a trail of blood. Sylar bandages up Elle's wound. A stre employee asks if they need help. Sylar throws cash at him and says they're fine. Sylar suggests they split up to elude HRG. Elle tells him they need to stay together, so the two flee the store.

Samedi escorts the Haitian woman to a tent where he begins to touch her. Just then, Haitian appears in the tent and knocks Samedi down from behind with a rifle. After freeing the woman, she tells them her sister's in trouble. Haitian says they'll save her. Peter and the Haitian tell the woman to run, then Haitian knocks his brother out with the butt of the gun. Peter begins to tie Haitian's brother up.

Hiro goes through back issues of 9th Wonder, seeing past events, including his battle with a dinosaur. Matt Parkman enters the Comic shop asking what they've found out. Ando tells Matt they're researching in the comics. One of the clerks hypothesizes that since there was an Eclipse when Hiro first got his powers, that once the current eclipse ends, their powers will return. Parkman sees Daphne running again in the latest comic. He rushes out of the store to go talk to her before she gets her powers back. Ando excitedly tells Hiro he'll get his powers back and then maybe he'll get his memory restored. Hiro says he doesn't ever want to grow up and runs to the bathroom, locking himself in. Ando sees the pages of the comic showing Hiro's prior love interest in Texas as well as Hiro driving his sword into Sylar and Hiro battling Kenzei in ancient Japan.

Nathan, still in captivity, speaks to the Haitian girl in the room, saying he used to have powers. She can't understand him since he speaks in English. Nathan apologizes for being unable to save her. Just then, Peter and Haitian burst in and free Nathan. They hear Samedi's men making a commotion, realizing they've discovered him tied up. Peter says he's expendable so he'll stay back. Peter takes the rifle and tells Nathan and Haitian to make a run for it while he holds off Samedi and his gunmen.

Sandra encourages Claire to be brave in the face of her situation. Claire says she's sorry for ruining everything. Two police officers come in saying they need to speak to Sandra. Claire says the pain hurts a lot, and she begins convulsing. Hospital staff rush in to try to save her as Sandra screams.

Elle and Sylar rush through a warehouse. They come up to an elevator and Sylar shoves Elle into it, then closes its doors down. He says he's buying them time as he pushes the button and says goodbye to Elle. HRG enters the warehouse looking for them. All of a sudden, Sylar tackles him. The two begin fighting with HRG punching Sylar repeatedly. As the two continue fighting, Claire is opened up on the operating table as the medical team tries to revive her. HRG regains the upperhand on Sylar. Elle comes back up in the elevator just in time to see HRG take a nearby blade. HRG tells Gabriel he always wanted to be special, but now he's nobody. HRG slits Sylar's neck and leaves him in a pool of blood.

The eclipse starts to taper off, as a blue sheet is put over Claire, believed to be dead. Sandra enters the room in tears to look at her daughter. As the eclipse finally ends, the sun shines on Claire and she begins to heal up. Claire wakes up to see her mother who is in shock. Sandra says they need to get her out of there.

Parkman knocks on Daphne's house. Mr. Millbrook comes out holding Daphne's leg brace saying she just left, again. Matt begins to hear Daphne's thoughts and Millbrook thinking if he had done more Daphne would have stayed. Parkman tells him not to think that then heads to the cornfield still hearing Daphne thinking how everything is screwed up. Parkman finds Daphne talking to a scarecrow she named Ray at age 13 as her imaginary friend. Parkman tells Daphne he understands her situation and they're all flawed. Parkman tells Daphne she came to Kansas for a reason to set something right, and tells her to go do it. Daphne rushes to the house and hugs Millbrook.

Samedi's troops begin shooting in Peter's direction. Peter fires back several times to hold them off, but runs out of ammo. Peter holds up the gun in surrender. As the soldiers come at him, Haitian and Nathan come up from behind them, knocking them to the ground. As Peter thanks them for coming to his rescure, Samedi appears behind them and says they may have taken out his troops, but he is a God. Samedi prepares to use a power, but Nathan bursts forward flying straight into him and ramming him into the grill of a vehicle. Peter prepares to shoot Samedi, but Haitian goes up to him instead puts a hand on Samedi's head and drains his power.

Suresh arrives at Maya's apartment in New Jersey. Suresh knocks on the door and Maya tell him just a minute. Just then Suresh notices the lesions are back on his hand again. He ducks down the hallway just as Maya opens the door to find nobody there. Maya finds the address sticky note on the floor.

Ando and the comic store clerk try to get Hiro to come out of the bathroom. Hiro says he doesn't want to grow up and that even the store clerks haven't grown up. Hiro yelled back why bother being a hero, because his father's dead. The clerk told Hiro he gives people hope, and that makes him a hero. The other clerk notices something in issue #1 of 9th Wonders, that Hiro and Claire met briefly during their younger days. They notice in the newest issue of the comic that they meet again at a Greenhouse. The clerk says maybe Hiro needs to meet Claire to get his memory back. Hiro teleports away, leaving Ando behind.

HRG checks on Claire at home, but Claire's mad HRG wasn't there for her earlier. Claire gets angry saying she's just an assignment, then tells HRG she died earlier today. HRG asks when, then rushes downstairs. Claire follows asking what's wrong. As HRG looks for Sandra, Sylar and Elle come out with her. Sylar uses telekinesis to toss HRG up against a wall and holds him there. HRG begins telling Sylar that Arthur and Angela Petrelli aren't his parents and that they're manipulating him. Elle tells Sylar he's lying, but HRG says Elle helped create Sylar. HRG says they can never have a normal life since Sylar killed her father.

Sylar angrily starts to use telekinesis to cut into HRG's throat. Claire screams out. Just then, Hiro teleports in near Sylar. He says "bad man" then teleports Sylar away. Hiro returns behind Elle and teleports her away. Hiro then teleports in and says "Save the Cheerleader", then teleports Claire away. HRG and Sandra are left in the room.

Back in Kansas at the comic shop, Parkman, Daphne and Ando try to find out where Hiro went. The store clerk says that was the last posthumous issue of 9th Wonders that Isaac Mendez did. The clerk notes he heard a rumor at a conference that Isaac gave his sketch book to a humble bike messenger, and if they find him, they find the next part of the story.

Back in the jungle, the Haitian reunites the young girl with her mother. Nathan thanks Haitian for his help and Haitian leaves. Nathan apologizes to Peter for earlier. Nathan then says he's going to Pinehearst because the formula for powers is something that mankind can use. Nathan says with the right use they can stop genocide, wars and other world problems. Nathan says they can't allow things like this to go on when they have the power to stop it. Peter begs him to stop, but Nathan flies off anyways.

Back at Pinehearst, Suresh returns to the lab where Arthur Petrelli is looking at Flint. Suresh is visibly scarred around his face. Arthur says the eclipse showed what they all really are, weak. Suresh says he'll go back to work, and Arthur promises they will find a cure, but Suresh must deal with his inner monster on his own.

Elle and Sylar find themselves on a beach together. Sylar asks her if HRG was telling the truth about his parents. Elle says of course not that Bennet was just messing with his head. Sylar tells her to sit down and begins to kiss her. Sylar then says he realizes she was right before when she said they will never change because they are damaged goods. Elle tells him he's hurting her. Sylar says "I know" and begins to cut open Elle's head.

Hiro and Claire teleport in to the greenhouse to see themselves in the past as children. They see young Hiro at a table playing with a Gameboy. Kaito Nakamura is holding a baby in his arms. Claire watches as Hiro shows her the 9th Wonders Comic scenes with what's being said. HRG says he doesn't think he'd make a good father but Kaito tells him "it's not a request", then tells him not to get too close as he hands the small baby to HRG. The scene is Manhattan NY, sixteen years ago. To be continued....

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Blogger Mona said...

I have been a long standing HEROES fan since the beginning of the show. My few comments on yesterday's show is as such: 1) SYLAR IN A LOVE SCENE? It was awkward to see but in the end the true Sylar emerged and did what he does best. Cold as it was to off Elle, this is the Sylar that I tune in for. But why did he cut off Elle's head when he already had her power? I just was not buying into the nice Sylar. 2) THE REINSTATED POWERS. If Mohinder's powers are synthetic then why did they come back after the eclipse ended, whereas Peter's innate abilities did not reset and come back? That made no sense to me. And how long must we watch Peter with no abilities?

12/02/2008 10:36 AM

Blogger MC said...

I totally agree Mona..Peter seems to lose his powers for most of each season now. Sometimes I wonder if it's a ploy by the writers to save money on special efx scenes :)

As for Elle, my theory on why Sylar did that was he wanted the full skill of Elle's ability. If you recall back he wanted Elle to show him how to use her power as skillfully as she did. So that's my best guess as to his motives.

12/03/2008 9:24 AM


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