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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Season 4: Episode 3: "Acceptance"

The episode starts in Washington, DC, where a bathtub is shown with water coming out of it to form into Tracy Strauss, who gets dressed up and ready to meet someone. Tracy enters a restaraunt where she sees the Governor she formerly worked for.

In Tokyo, Japan, Hiro's sister pulls him aside to say she's always been more serious than him, but thinks now that they're adults it's time for him to be serious. She tells Hiro, that Ando and her are getting married, and asks for Hiro to give her away. Hiro goes in to see Ando, who reminds him he might not be around in a year when they get married, since Hiro's dying. Hiro starts working on his bucket list of wrongs he needs to undo. Ando tells Hiro to tell his sister the truth that he is dying. Just then the "Dial-A-Hero" line rings, and a man who's on a roof about to jump has called.

Hiro takes off to the top of their office building where the man is on the edge. Hiro recognizes him as an employee. The man says he was fired a month ago, but snuck into the building to pretend he still worked there. The man says he wants a witness for when he jumps. The man confesses he was fired for inappropriate behavior, for photocopying his own butt during an office party. Hiro says that's not so bad, and asks about going back to undo the man's mistake. The man jumps, so Hiro decides to go back in time.

Angela Petrelli comes to see Nathan (Sylar) at his office in DC. Angela has a box of old trinkets and items that she says are a trip down memory lane for him. She hands Nathan a toy airplane, and he flashes back to see the events when he was a kid. He picks up a ball cap and sees a girl in a swimsuit dive into a pool with her head bleeding. Angela asks if something's wrong, but Nathan (Sylar) says no.

Tracy asks the Governor for her job back, and he says he can use her in New York. The governor asks for help to ease legislation through the cracks, then asks her to have dinner with him later that night.

HRG looks over the divorce papers from his wife Sandra, then is visited by Peter Petrelli. Peter goes to show his arm to HRG but the compass tattoo is missing. HRG insinuates Peter is seeing things. Peter says he's not, and HRG tells him he's not up for going around trying to find the fast guy with the blades to get cut up again. Peter goes to leave, with Claire at the door. She asks what Peter is there for, and he says just to clear up a question. Peter takes off with Claire wondering about his "new power".

Back in Tokyo, Hiro arrives in Ando's office again just at the moment Ando talks to him about giving away Kimiko at their wedding. Hiro has printer ink smeared on his face and asks Ando about the employee, Tadashi, who was going to jump. Hiro tells Ando he went back in time to stop Tadashi from photocopying his butt. Just then, another call arrives at "Dial-a-Hero". It's Tadashi again, saying he's going to jump. Hiro races to the rooftop again, to find out the man made a photocopy of his butt at a different event than Hiro fixed. Hiro says he'll help fix things for the man, who jumps again.

Nathan shows up at Peter's work to talk to him. Nathan shows Peter he now has telekinesis, and then says he discovers a new power everyday. Nathan says he's seeing memories and images that aren't his own. Peter talks about seeing the history of objects. Nathan talks of the memory of a girl he used to see, and the memory he saw of her dead in a pool of blood in the swimming pool. Peter suggests Nathan go find out the truth by talking to the girl's mom. Nathan says he'll go alone since it's his mess.

Claire confesses she came to check on HRG because he seems plan-less without The Company or a job. Claire says HRG should get a job because he's got great people skills. Claire finds a lumber sales job. HRG says the salesman was a cover for what he really did, but Claire suggests he doesn't have to let them know that.

Nathan visits Millie, the mother of Kelly, who Nathan dated (and saw in the memory as dead). Nathan asks if she's heard from Kelly at all. It's brought up that Kelly may not have run away from home. Millie says she hired a private investigator who found out that Kelly got a one way ticket to London, but nobody's heard from her since. Nathan asks if maybe something else happened to Kelly but Millie puts that idea down. Nathan walks over to the scene of his memory, the swimming pool. He touches a statue nearby to replay the memory of he and Kelly as kids. Kelly teases him by taking away his hat and running off. In present time, Nathan/Sylar goes over to a nearby bench to get further memories. The memory of the past plays out in black and white with Nathan chasing Kelly for the hat. Kelly falls off the side and hits her head against the diving board, falling into the pool dead.

Angela meets with Nathan at a bar, to talk about Millie calling her about Kelly. Nathan says Kelly died, and he wants to know why he can't remember. He says every time there's a secret, Angela seems to have a shovel behind her back. Angela tells Nathan that she took care of the accident, and she had The Haitian erase her memory. Nathan argues it was an accident, but Angela contends it would have ruined Nathan's life if she didn't cover it up. Nathan asks if she's going to let Millie go on believing she's a bad mother, and Angela says Millie's made her peace with this. Nathan goes back to see Millie and confesses that he saw Kelly die by accident. Nathan says it was covered up by his family. Millie becomes upset and asks Nathan to leave.

Claire continues prepping HRG for a job interview with mock questions. Claire says he's a people person. HRG says it's sad to look back on his life and it hasn't amounted to much. He says all he sees is pain, not actually helping people. Claire says she's one person that he's helped.

Back in Tokyo we're at the scene of Ando hearing the news of Hiro giving away Kimiko at their wedding. Hiro is covered in ink, saying he was trying to save Tadashi's life. Ando asks if that's the guy with the famous "butt". Hiro answers the phone, and says "Hi Tadashi, you on the roof, I'll be right there". Hiro looks out at his sister, then goes up to the roof again. Hiro is stressed out but counsels the man, and tells him to find something he loves that he can do. Tadashi agrees with that. Hiro tells him life is a gift, and too short, so it shouldn't be wasted by jumping off the roof. Hiro tells him he's dying, and then tells him to keep secrets, especially from family. Hiro offers Tadashi his hand and says he'll always have a friend. Tadashi thanks him and bows, then finally gets of the roof.

Hiro returns and tells Ando he was right, he must tell Kimiko the truth about him dying. Hiro tells his sister the news and they hug, with Ando looking on. All of a sudden, Hiro gets a sharp pain in his head, he pauses momentarily, then comes back to. As Ando is phoning for an ambulance, Hiro disappears before Kimiko's eyes to her amazement.

Tracy finds HRG at the same restaraunt that they met at before. She tells HRG that she got her old job back. HRG asks why she's there if she got her life back. Tracy says it feels like something is missing and needs to change. HRG tells Tracy life changes and they need to change with it. HRG tells her to remember who she was to figure out who she really wants to be. Tracy leaves to go to dinner with the governor and thanks HRG for his advice.

Tracy arrives at the fancy restaraunt to meet the Governor. She starts telling him that she wants a job where she's making a real difference in people's lives. The governor chuckles over it, and says they both know what she brings to the table. The governor says they should skip dinner and go upstairs to be happy just like old times. Tracy goes to the restroom, and starts to get upset so her hands begin to transform into liquid form. Tracy goes back out and tells the governor things aren't ok, then walks off on him.

Nathan pulls his car into a parking garage, then calls to speak to the homicide division. He's put on hold so he hangs up the phone. Nathan gets out of the car, and suddenly an assailant attacks him from behind, jabbing him in the neck. Nathan slumps to the ground.

Claudia meets with the "fast knife guy" at the carnival. They talk about Samuel's plans. Samuel emerges on the scene and reminds them he makes all the decisions for how things will proceed, now that is brother has died. Samuel tells Claudia it's time to find another. Samuel tells her she can tell him anything, including if she's unhappy being with him. She says no, then Samuel uses his ink tattoo trick on her. A tattoo of Noah Bennet (HRG) comes up. Samuel says he's retired and asks why she's showing Bennet. She says he may now be interested in them again. HRG is shown studying pictures and articles about a compass.

Millie meets with Angela Petrelli, talking about Nathan visiting her. Millie says Nathan claims Kelly died and he was with her when she died. Meanwhile, Nathan(Sylar) is shown being drive off in the trunk of his car. The man takes Nathan's jewelry off, rolls his body over then shoots him several times in the chest, before throwing dirt on his body. Millie gets a call at the restaurant from the man who just shot Nathan/Sylar. He tells her "the package is delivered". Millie and Angella toast over "closure", just as the car is shown driving off. Nathan reaches a hand up from the dirt, then Sylar emerges from the woods grave area.

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