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Friday, October 16, 2009

Season 4: Episode 4: "Hysterical Blindness"

heroes season 4 episode 4 sylar

Season 4: Episode 4: "Hysterical Blindness"

The episode opens with Sylar pulling himself up from the ground in the woods where Nathan was buried by an unknown assailant who shot him (at the request of Millie). Sylar is walking down the road when a police car approaches and stops him to ask if he had too much to drink. The cop notices him covered in blood and tells him to get on the ground immediately, thinking Sylar looks suspicious.

At Sullivan Brothers Carnival various individuals are shown eating breakfast, with one woman using her hand to heat up a waffle maker. Sullivan talks about being thankful for the family they still have left. He says Joseph left an emptiness but they can mend it. Samuel mentions there are others out there like them, who they can take in and help. Samuel says by day's end they will have a full table again, because he found someone to replace Joseph.

Claire and Gretchen are having breakfast, with Claire expressing how happy she is to be living a real, normal life without snipers or serial killers. Becky Taylor comes up to Claire and asks Claire to join their sorority that Sandra Bennet was in while she was in college. Becky asks Claire to stop by and join in open rush for the sorority. Gretchen tells Claire she doesn't approve, and sororities are for people who can't make their own friends. Claire convinces Gretchen to go along with her.

A psychiatrist named Dr. Madeline Gibson arrives to the interrogation looking glass area of a police station, where she introduces herself to Capt. Lubbock of the police. He seems surprised that she's there and not the usual doctor. He asks how many criminal psych consults she's done, but she doesn't answer. The guy in their interrogation room is Sylar, who Lubbock says is stranger than anyone he's seen because he has no idea who he even is. Madeline goes in to talk to Sylar, offering to help him. She asks his name but he doesn't answer at first. He starts to speak and then stops. Dr. Gibson said he may have brain damage. Sylar says "forest, lost" as he remembers being shot. He tells them he was walking and now he's in a tiny room. Dr. Gibson asks the Captain to unlock his cuffs, so he leaves her his keys and exits. She unlocks Sylar's cuffs and says she'll help him figure out who he is.

Emma is at work at the hospital when another doctor (the one who saw her about her sight issues) brings her coffee. She asks if she's still seeing the colors. The doctor suggests she has conversion disorder or "hysterical blindness", and Emma asks if she thinks she's crazy. The woman says she only follows up like this with people who are her daughter. Emma's mother tells her she's using the whole filing job as a cover. Emma tells her mother she doesn't want to talk about "Christopher's death" anymore. Her mother tells her to stop grieving and take her life back. Emma runs off.

Angela is visiting Peter and asks if he spoke to Nathan lately. Peter says he has, then asks her if they can just talk about him. Angela glances at an empty chair where she thinks about Nathan. Angela says she'll stay for a while in case Nathan shows up. Peter says he has to head to work, then speeds off. Angela grabs his arm before he leaves and says he works too much.

Claire and Gretchen arrive late to the sorority rush. They are doing a speed dating "get to know you" ice breaker with the prospective sorority members. Claire is shown being asked all sorts of questions, and realizes Gretchen has told them all about her. The head sorority sister says Gretchen is real cool because she's edgy.

Emma is walking outside with her headset on, but is upset and seeing colors from the various noises around such as police sirens, construction work, beeping horns and more. She stumbles into the street and is almost hit by a bus. Peter comes speeding in to bring her out of harm's way. Emma is shocked at how he saved her. Emma starts walking off so Peter follows and asks if she's ok. She keeps on walking because she can't hear him. Peter goes to speed off but realizes he lost the speed running power. He kicks a trash can and sees the colors of the sounds just like Emma does.

Samuel is out digging up some dirt, and asks Claudia to hand him a bag. Claudia asks who the new family member is going to be. Claudia runs through a list of names - Peter, Hiro, Claire or Tracy. Samuel says he doesn't know but he felt something in his bones and in the Earth. Claudia tells him that's a real gamble based on just a feeling. Samuel brings his arms together to close up multiple holes he dug in the ground.

Claire tries to find her white sweater, then realizes that Gretchen is wearing it. Claire is slightly irritated but lets it go. Gretchen goes to use the restroom, and then Claire oversees her laptop has a webpage document up about Claire Bennet. Claire searches through the various pages to see all this info about her, her high school, various pictures and then the "Jump Push" murder suicide theory. Claire tells Gretchen to go ahead to the mixer and she'll catch up.

Dr. Gibson continues her talk with Sylar. Sylar says everything feels like he's feeling it for the first time. Sylar says he knows the words and feelings but he can't put them together in his head. He admits it's scary but overwhelmingly beautiful. Dr. Gibson says he may have the opposite of Deja Vu. She says she thinks something traumatic happened to him, but he blocked it out. She tells him to close his eyes and tell her the first thing he sees. He closes his eyes and hears the clock ticking and her watch. He says one of them is faster than the other. She's surprised at his ability to know he watch has been running fast for years. Just then the police captain comes in and asks to see her. The captain tells her they got his I.D. back from fingerprints.

Peter goes to work but sees Emma isn't at her desk. He overhears kids singing "Greatest American Hero", then sees the group of kids colorful singing. He sees Emma in there also looking into the air where the colors are. They lock eyes and Emma realizes maybe he sees what she does. She motions to him to ask if he's seeing it too and he smiles, nodding yes.

Peter mentions the colors thing to Emma and then realizes she is deaf. He has her read his lips, telling her there's others with abilities like hers who can fly or teleport or read minds. Emma is confused and says this is new to her. Peter writes it down on paper for her then shows off the new ability on the piano nearby. They begin to play piano and various colors start emitting as they do. Emma asks why she has this, and Peter says he doesn't know. He says they can get lunch tomorrow to figure it out, so she could get out of the file room. Emma is offended and leaves.

Claire shows up at the mixer looking for Gretchen in the crowded room of females. The head of the sorority comes up to her and brings her to meet more of the sorority girls. Claire meets another girl who used to be a cheerleader who said she quit. Claire suddenly pushes the girl out of the way as a sorority flag falls straight down at her. She looks up and sees Gretchen on the balcony looking surprised.

Captain Lubbock goes in and tells Sylar to put his hands down on the table. The captain says he figured out that he's Gabriel, a watchmaker who murdered his mother. The cop pulled the video camera plug out then said he was going to make sure he got a confession out of him. The cop went at Sylar, who put his hands up at him. The cop went flying back as Sylar's telekinesis kicked in. Capt. Lubbock was sent through the glass window looking area, and alarms rang out as Sylar was shocked at what he did.

Dr. Gibson got into her car and looked at the file folder which showed Gabriel Gray was wanted for murder. Just then, the alarms started going off in the parking garage and all the lights shut out. Suddenly, Sylar was there banging on her car window. He said she promised to help him and demanded her help.

Gretchen arrives back to the dorm room where Claire is. She tells Claire she didn't do it. Gretchen asks why Claire thinks she did it. Claire confesses to seeing what was on her computer and Gretchen is mad her privacy was invaded. Claire asks about why she talked about her so much at the sorority house. Gretchen ends up saying she talks more about Claire because she's more interesting. Claire suggests that Gretchen had something to do with killing Annie. Gretchen with tears in her eyes says she didn't kill Annie and isn't stalking her. Gretchen kisses Claire and says she has a crush on her. Claire is shocked by it. Just then a knock comes at the door, and PSI Alpha Chi offers them both membership in the sorority.

Claudia is up late with Samuel, and he puts ink to her back again. It brings up no image. Just then a rag appears in the air. Samuel says "Hello Rebecca", and the head sorority girl appears, obviously having an invisibilty power. He asks how her work with Claire is going and if she's doing all she can to isolate her. A flashback is shown to the mixer, where Rebecca is invisible up on the balcony near Gretchen. She takes the flag off its pole and lets it drop, to make it look like Gretchen was behind it. Another flashback shows Rebecca was responsible for making the book drop near the laptop so Claire would see it. Finally, a flashback shows Rebecca shove Annie out of her window to kill her. After Claire runs out of the room, Rebecca puts a suicide note on the pillow. Back to Sullivan Brothers, Claudia gets an image on her back. Her back isn't shown but Samuel tells Rebecca to get back to campus.

Dr. Gibson takes off transporting Sylar. He tells her he's not a killer. Sylar says the captain threatened to throw him in a hole. She calls him Gabriel and he says that's not his name. Dr. Gibson screeches the car to a halt and tells him to just take her car. As he argues that he needs her help, police cars show up all of a sudden. Capt. Lubbock is there and steps out drawing his gun on Sylar. Gibson says Sylar is turning himself in, but as he puts his hands out his lightning power kicks in. Lubbock fires several shots into Sylar's chest. He falls on top of Dr. Gibson and they start to tumble down a nearby hill in the woods. As they get up, Sylar pulls his shirt up and the bullet wounds start to heal automatically. Gibson asks him what that was all about and Sylar says he doesn't know. Just then the police dogs are heard nearby, so Gibson tells Sylar to run. He takes off leaving her behind.

Emma arrives home to her apartment and looks at her cello, then decides to start playing. The colors start to come out as she plays it. Meanwhile, Claire and Gretchen are joining the sorority. Rebecca reappears behind them with an evil smirk. Peter arrives at his apartment and all of a sudden Hiro teleports in. He says "Peter Petrelli" and falls to the floor with Peter rushing over to grab him. As Emma continues to play her cello more intensely, all of a sudden she notices it causes the wall in front of her to sort of explode and crack up, as if her ability with sounds may have caused it.

Meanwhile, Sylar is still fleeing the cops in the woods at night. He finally sees bright lights and has arrived to Sullivan Brothers Carnival. Standing at the gates is Samuel who beckons for Sylar to come with him. Sylar is confused but follows him. Gibson, Lubbock and the other cops arrive to the edge of the woods but the Carnival is no longer there, or seen by them.

Samuel brings Sylar in and tells him he's safe here now, at home. Sylar looks around still confused. To be continued....

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