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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Season 4: Episode 6: "Strange Attractors"

The episode opens in Los Angeles where Matt Parkman is having a bad dream that Sylar is having sex with his wife Janice. As Matt wakes up next to his wife, he sees Sylar sitting in a chair eating an apple. Sylar takes a bite from an apple calling it "forbidden fruit", his favorite kind.

In Cainan, GA Noah Bennet is speaking to a police officer about not locking up Jeremy for the death of his parents. The cop says it's not the first time that Jeremy's caused problems in the town. He says he's not releasing Jeremy to anyone who isn't kin, which includes HRG. Noah calls someone on his cell to ask for help. Tracy Strauss meets him in her sports car. HRG briefs her on Jeremy's situation. HRG tells Tracy to go in as his aunt and sign him out. She finally agrees to do it.

At Arlington University in VA, Claire is awake in her dorm room, as is Gretchen. Claire tells Gretchen they need to talk about her crush and the kiss. Claire tells Gretchen she's a good kisser, but she doesn't want to mess up her new ordinary life. Claire says Gretchen's the first real friend she's had since Texas, and she likes her a lot. Just then, some hooded individuals burst into their dorm room and grab Gretchen and Claire. Claire fights a few of them off, until one pulls her hood off. It's Rebecca, who tells Claire this is a sorority initiation kidnapping. Claire apologizes and Rebecca throws a dark hood over Claire's eyes.

Claire and Gretchen end up in the trunk of a car, tied up. Gretchen makes a comment about it, as the car hits a bump and they nearly kiss again. Gretchen asks Claire about if she likes her in "that way" and Claire says she doesn't know. The car stops and trunk opens, with Rebecca welcoming them to Hell Week. Claire and Gretchen end up with 2 other girls in hoods who are being initiated in the basement of some dark place. The sisters tell them they will be doing a treasure hunt.

Tracy visits Jeremy telling him he's her aunt. Tracy says she'll sign him out, but Jeremy says signing him out might not be such a good idea because he's a murderer. Tracy discusses her power and how it went awry when negative emotions overcame her. The cops tell HRG they have evidence that Jeremy is a killer, showing him notes from a notebook about being a murderer. They say they'll continue to hold him until otherwise. Tracy calls someone to ask for a favor to get Jeremy released. She runs into Samuel from the carnival. He asks her what she'll do when she gets Jeremy released. He turns the surroundings into the carnival, and tells her it's home and he's a friend.

Sylar continues to get inside Parkman's head, taunting him by talking about having sex with his wife. Parkman goes to punch Sylar but he's not there and Parkman punches a wall.

Claire and the girls embark on their search in the dark dwelling they were brought to. Gretchen finds a clue written on the wall above some lockers. One of the others opens a locker as Gretchen tells her to wait. The girl's face gets sprayed with fake blood. Claire tells someone to open locker 24, because the clue refers to "when we were founded" and the founding year was 1924 for the sorority. Inside the locker are two bottled waters. The other 2 girls decide to team up and work against Claire and Gretchen.

Claire and Gretchen descend to a lower level in the dark place. Claire starts to ask Gretchen about how long she's liked girls. Gretchen says she's had more boyfriends than girlfriends. Gretchen finds out Claire's a virgin and says maybe they're "strange attractors", particles that end up together but don't belong together. Claire saves Gretchen as she notices a huge chain swinging towards her. Claire suggests that maybe this isn't a game.

Samuel takes Tracy on a tour of the carnival. He says Jeremy could be surrounded by true family there. He talks to her about how she tapped into something greater than herself with her ability. Samuel says all of them are connected. Samuel says Jeremy is valuable since he can work miracles and needs a true home. Tracy asks Samuel to take her back now. Sylar oversees Samuel talking to Tracy. Lydia comes up to Samuel, as he hands Tracy a compass. He says if she ever wants to return to the carnival to use the compass. Lydia takes her back, as Sylar walks up and tells Samuel he remembers helping her at one point. Sylar says she was sad and he was flying with her in his arms. Samuel tells him he's having memories which aren't really his. Sylar asks who's they are and where he really is.

Janice walks in to find Matt packing a bag. She asks where he's headed and he tells her someone else is able to control his body, so it's not safe for her and the child. Janice says Matt always does this. He tells her it's dangerous if he's there. Sylar keeps showing up to invade Matt's thoughts as he's talking. Janice tells Matt it's better if she and the baby leave, while Matt stays at the home. Matt tells her not to tell him where they're going, so Sylar won't hear. Janice agrees and goes to pack. Sylar tells Matt that was a smart move but he still hasn't figured out how to get rid of him.

Parkman makes a call to Mohinder Suresh asking him to call him back as soon as he can. Sylar shows up again asking Matt how Suresh is going to help him. Sylar says it's time to give back his body. Sylar starts to have trouble with his controlling routine when Matt's drinking alcohol. Matt drinks some hard liquor and Sylar begins to cough. Matt thinks he's finally found a way to stop Sylar's mind games.

Tracy and HRG go in to bring Jeremy out. HRG says his new identity is Jarod Mitchell and he'll live a few apartments down from him, while attending Georgetown High School. He says Tracy will help him learn to control his ability. As HRG and Tracy escort Jeremy outside the police department, there's a crowd of people out there. One man comes up and grabs Jeremy calling him a murderer. Jeremy's ability goes haywire and the man starts to bleed out of his nose, then falls to the ground. HRG pleads with Jeremy to use his ability to heal the man, but instead the police officers take Jeremy back into the station. HRG and Tracy go back in. Tracy asks to talk to him again. The main sheriff says both of them are through talking to him anymore. Meanwhile, two of the other officers have taken Jeremy off on their own. One ties a chain around Jeremy's legs with the other end tied to the back of a pickup truck. The bald officers goes up and tells Jeremy to take his best shot. Jeremy starts shaking with fear but doesn't do anything. He beings to tear up. The man tells him he's not normal and doesn't belong there. Just then the pickup truck takes off.

Claire and Gretchen continue to search around. Claire suggests that someone might be trying to kill Gretchen, and that it might be another person with abilities. Claire talks about the fact her first roommate committed suicide and how Gretchen was nearly gutted. They hear and see something move nearby. As they go to investigate with a flashlight, the other two girls burst into the room. Claire tells them they don't really want the treasure, so they'll stick together and just get out of there.

Parkman continues getting drunk off shots of alcohol to try to get rid of Sylar. Sylar keeps trying to taunt him by talking about having sex with his wife. Matt tells Sylar when he's gone, Janice and he will have a beautiful life. Sylar tells Matt he's too desperate to fit in and needs to accept his power. Matt sees the Sylar vision start to disappear and realizes Sylar is afraid of dying. The vision of Sylar passes out then disappears completely as Matt drinks some more. Just then, Janice comes in along with Matt's police partner. Matt tells Janice "I did it" as he holds up a bottle and then falls to the floor.

Claire and the rest of the new sorority girls keep searching and eventually find a room where a pink teddy bear is hanging on a meat hook. Gretchen says she'll go get the other girls. Before she goes, she tells Claire she shouldn't have gotten all "relationshipy on her". Claire tells Gretchen she needs her in her life right now, to help keep things somewhat normal. Just then, Claire notices other meat hooks moving behind Gretchen as if someone is there. All of a sudden, a hook wraps around Gretchen's throat. Claire runs up to help but gets punched down by invisible Rebecca. Claire picks up a piece of wood and uses it to swing towards where she is and knocks her off, releasing Gretchen from being choked. Claire looks around, and suddenly is thrust up against a hook on the wall. She grabs a nearby weapon and swings it into Rebecca, causing her to become visible and fall to the floor. The other two girls come in to see Rebecca on the floor and Claire impaled. Rebecca turns invisible and runs off. Gretchen helps Claire off the hook on the wall and the other two girls are amazed by it all.

Tracy and HRG are driving at night down the road when they see Jeremy's body on the road all bruised and beaten up. Tracy starts to cry as HRG says they could have saved him. Tracy says he needed a real home. HRG apologizes to her for what happened. HRG says he thought he could manage it. Tracy says they let Jeremy down. HRG says he thought he did what was right but was wrong. Tracy tells HRG to never call her again, then gets in her car. She takes out the compass she was given and it points in a direction.

Parkman wakes up to see Janice standing there with his partner. Matt notices that Sylar isn't around. His partner hands him a sobriety medal and says he needs to start over again from the beginning. Matt thanks both of them. He tells his wife he's going to take a shower. As he goes into the next room, it's no longer Parkman we see walking but Sylar, tossing an apple up in the air. Sylar has taken over Matt's body now, and goes into the next room to tell Matt he's in the driver seat now. Janice oversees Matt through a clear door tossing an apple up and chuckling to himself.

Samuel goes out to the town where Jeremy was murdered and sees the police department. He angrily uses his power to cause the police department to begin to crumble to the ground as if it was blown to pieces. To be continued...

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